by Pamela Cioffi – Un Mondo d’Italiani

Representations of Italy in USA, the last part of Italian Americans, Filitalia’s series. Friday, August 28, 2020. Reserve your ticket!

Representations of Italy in USA, the upcoming Filitalia webinar will be live on Friday, August 28, 2020. The meeting will take place online through Google Meet from 5.30 pm to 7.00 pm. After the last webinar on the origins of Italians who emigrated to America, Angela Cacciarru presents the second and last part of “Italian Americans” series. As an Italian and American citizen who dealt with the representations of Italians in the United States, Angela had the chance to reflect on her own identity and sense of belonging to both Italy and America. The webinar is $10 for all Filitalia members and non members.

Representations of Italy in USA, webinar by Filitalia

When people meet with different cultures, they start a process of consciousness that leads them to confront and to open themselves not only to the others but, often to their own identities (Arendt 1989, Barth 1969). In this insightful observation, Marro (2019) helps us that to reflect on the fact that the representation of Italians in the United States of America and abroad is very much linked to the way Italians define themselves and choose to represent their “Italian-ness” to others. Filitalia International & Foundation invites you to this process of discovery through movies, songs, advertisements, local festivities and the multiple means through which the “Italian-ness” has been built, portrayed, and reinvented in the past as well as in the present time, paying tribute to the generations of Italians who have brought Italy to America and created new lives here.

Angela Cacciarru, Ph.D

Angela was born and raised in Italy, and has more than twenty years of experience as an instructor of Italian language and culture. As member of Filitalia, she organizes meeting on Cisco, Google Meet and Skype, about the Italian culture and traditions. This time she will introduce you representations of Italy in USA. Angela left Italy in 1990, and became an United States citizen in 2004. Her knowledge of Human Geography, her academic specialty since her Ph.D. at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, has been important in diversifying and broadening the content of her classes.