Italian Language and Culture

Italian Language Classes

Throughout the year, Filitalia International & Chapters offers 6 week sessions that are easy to manage and make learning Italian fun! Our language classes are taught by qualified Italian speakers who have a passion for Italy as well as teaching; they are patient and care about your progress in class. At the end of each session, we hold evaluations to ensure you are happy with our school of language and culture.
We love to hear your suggestions!

You can also receive a certificate of completion upon graduating a session. Many students work in a field requiring Italian or attend college for international careers. Filitalia is here to accommodate you, at very affordable rates ( $100 for members$120 for non member).  Our mission is to spread the Italian language and culture to all, without distinction of level of income and education.

All lessons are held at the “Fabrizio and Nestico’s Center for Language and Culture” at 1834 E. Passyunk Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19148.

We offer classes for adults at all levels. In addition to the standard classes, private lessons and online lessons are also available for $50 per 1 hour lesson — all dates and times to be decided between the instructor and student.

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Classes Offered

Beginners I: Basic foundations in Italian. Salutations, time, alphabet, numbers, restaurant, vocabulary expansion, early grammar concepts, conversation.

Beginners II: Continue vocabulary expansion, more advanced grammar, verb tenses, improve conversational skills.

Intermediate I: Improve your grammar and increase comprehension speed. This class is taught 70% in Italian and 30% in English.

Intermediate II: Continue improving grammar (past & future tenses, etc.). Improvement of writing and reading. Conversation and discussion of current events.

Advanced I: Finishing of the indicative mood. Reading of short stories and class discussions. Italian movie shown at the end of the session.