Have you ever stopped and thought about why you value your sense of community? Your heritage? What makes you proud?

Perhaps you value your heritage because it keeps you healthy! The Roseto Effect is a remarkable story of a little, Italian town in Roseto, PA. Throughout the mid-twentieth century, it was discovered that the inhabitants of Roseto were incredibly healthier than most equivalent communities in the United States. After numerous studies to isolate variables such as diet and genetics, it was concluded that it was ultimately their sense of community that contributed to the residents’ overall health.

“Between the family values, and the culture, there was little stress because there was an abundance of family. You weren’t without.”

In this day and age, it is especially salient to acknowledge the power of heritage and cultural identity. The Roseto Effect is a perfect example of the importance of family and a shared community, even if the connections are not by blood. The Italian community is especially strong in the United States, and the beauty of its heritage is maintained through love and respect for its culture.

How can you have a stake in fortifying your relationship with your heritage? Promoting elements such as language, tradition, and cultural awareness are ways that we can all get involved in strengthening our sense of cultural connectedness.

“Nobody was stressed out. We were happy, and I think that’s the main thing.”

Credits: Gabriella Flamini “The Rose Garden: A History of The Roseto Effect”