Since 1987, the Filitalia International Scholarship has been awarded to many young members of Filitalia International who show enormous passion in pursuing or continuing their education. Hundreds of families have benefited from our commitment to higher education and the defense of the Italian language.

The Scholarship Program is offered through the Filitalia Foundation and supported by donations from our distinguished families. Applicants are evaluated according to academic ability, social awareness, knowledge of Italian language and appreciation of the Italian heritage. A GPA of 3.0 or higher is recommended. Scholarship applicants are judged by impartial members of the Language & Culture Committee. Amounts range from $250 to $1,000.

Here is The List of Our Scholarship Funds & Eligibility:

  • Filitalia International Scholarships: Only For Filitalia Members in Good Standing
    • Fiore & Mildred Trombetta Scholarship (1st grade entering 2nd grade)
    • Michele & Maria Giampaolo Scholarship (2nd grade entering 3rd grade)
    • Filitalia International 4th Grade Scholarship (3rd grade entering 4th grade)
    • Filitalia International 6th Grade (5th grade entering 6th grade)
    • Filitalia International 7th grade Scholarship (6th grade entering 7th grade)
    • Filitalia International 8th grade Scholarship (7th grade entering 8th grade)
    • Joseph Porreca Scholarship (8th grade Catholic School or 9th grade Public School entering High School)
    • Cecilia Migali Scholarship (high school graduates entering 1st year college – only for member of South Jersey chapters)
    • Aurelio & Concetta Nestico (high school graduates attending nursing college)
    • Italian Language Scholarship (full time college students enrolled in Italian classes)
    • Norma Magnati Scholarship (high school graduates attending accounting or economics college)
    • Mathilda Fabrizio Medical or Osteopathic Scholarship (college students accepted to first year of medical or osteopathic school)
    • Robert Pisani Architecture Scholarship (college students attending first year of architectural college)
    • Concetta Mattioni Scholarship (college graduates attending first year of law school)
    • Filitalia International Master Degree Scholarship (college graduates attending Master’s Degree other than Medicine or Law
  • Filitalia Foundation Scholarships: For Members & Non-Members Studying Filitalia Language Classes
    • Francesco Mele Scholarship (high school graduates attending their first year college)
    • Peter & Mathilda Fabrizio Scholarship (high school graduates at first year college of English in Italy, or Italian language elsewhere)
    • Fred Simeone Scholarship (high school graduates attending university in Biology or Engineering)
    • Francis P. Naselli Scholarship (college graduates attending a Graduate School in Physical Therapy – not Kinesiotherapy)
    • Louise C. Poolos Scholarship (high school graduates attending first year of college)
    • Matthew J. Poolos Scholarship (high school graduates attending first year of college)


Application Dates & Deadlines:
START DATE: June 1st @12:00 AM EST
END DATE: August 31st @11:59 PM EST

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