Filitalia International is a non-profit organization, founded in 1987 by Pasquale F. Nestico, M.D. and a group of Italian-Americans to promote and preserve the Italian heritage, language, and customs throughout the world. The goal of Filitalia International is to solidify and expand the Italian culture, tradition, and heritage through social and humanitarian events. We offer many programs including Scholarships for younger members, Italian Language classes, networking events for young professionals, and cultural events to experience and learn about the Italian Culture firsthand.

Since its conception in 1987, Filitalia has continued to grow and has reached International status with 27 Chapters in 5 different countries and is ever expanding. Our entire organization has been built by the efforts of dedicated volunteers whose love of the Italian Culture has served as a perpetual light to communities throughout the world. The word “FilItalia” means “Love for Italy”. Our mission is to protect and preserve the Italian heritage and culture and encourage the study of the Italian language.

Our Mission

Filitalia International exists to preserve and defend the Italian heritage and culture by encouraging the study of the Italian language and providing educational events for the community.

Our Plan

  • Help young Italian-Americans through our extensive scholarship program.
  • Encourage the study of Italian language and culture throughout the world.
  • Promote networking events for Italian-American youth and professionals.
  • Solidify Italian-American culture through Italian sports events, social events, and humanitarian events.
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