Business Networking Committee

This Committee is responsible to provide both new and existing members with opportunities to network and forge long-lasting and meaningful business and personal relationships. The Committee endeavors to accomplish this through a variety of networking events, business workshops and social media avenues. Additionally, it is our goal to raise funds for charity initiatives and cultural programs delivered by Filitalia, as well as provide a platform of services and contacts for Italian companies and professionals interested in doing business in the United States and Internationally.

Communications Committee

This Committee is responsible for curating content and maintaining consistent communication to our members and audiences through our website, social media platforms, Il Telegramma (Newsletter) and other various methods to help promote our Chapter events, our Board of Directors and drive traffic to our organization’s mission.

Ente Promotore Committee

Filitalia has been considered by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a stable and efficient nonprofit organization committed to the promotion of Italian language and culture in the USA. We support public and private K-12 schools in the under the leadership of the Italian Console of Philadelphia (which covers Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina) to improve existing courses or introduce new courses of Italian language with grant awards and we support the Advanced Placement (AP) Italian courses that help students to prepare for the exam.

Executive Committee

This Committee meets monthly and is composed of the high level roles of the organization who meets and works in between the Board of Directors meetings to take executive action and have more oversight on the day to day activity. The Executive Committee provides the oversight function on behalf of the Board.

Expansion Committee

This Committee is responsible for the development of new Chapters and ensuring that the existing Chapters and the Board of Directors of those Chapters are adhering to the responsibilities set forth in the Bylaws and the mission of the organization.

Finance Committee

This Committee provides financial analysis, advice and oversight of the organization’s budget and financial statements. Their responsibility is to ensure the organization is operating with the financial resources it needs to provide programs and services to the community.

Fundraising/Sponsorship Committee

This Committee is responsible for fundraising for the organization and our annual Gala through our Global Sponsorship Package, Grant Writing and managing the deliverables for our sponsors.

Heritage Justice Committee

This Committee is responsible for representing Filitalia in the fight for the continued preservation of Italian Heritage and Culture. An example would be the fight against the protection of Christopher Columbus Holiday and monuments.

History of the Italian Immigration Museum Committee

This Committee is responsible for maintaining our HIIM & Center located in South Philadelphia. Promoting the Museum, creating events, activities and curating and sourcing the existing and potential merchandise and artifacts.

Humanitarian Committee

This Committee provides resources (monetary, food or clothing) to those families and individuals that are in need during any impactful event, during the Christmas Holiday and throughout the year.

International Exchange Program Committee

This Committee is responsible for sponsoring young professionals from 21 – 31 years old to visit the United States or Italy for study experience while creating all the necessary accommodations.

La Festa della Repubblica Committee

This Committee is responsible for the dynamic 5000 attendee street festival celebration commemorating the independence of Italy which is celebrated during the first Sunday in June. It is celebrated directly outside of our Center and our History of Italian Immigration Museum along East Passyunk Avenue in South Philadelphia.

Language & Culture Committee

This Committee is the backbone of the organization. Through our Language Classes and Scholarship Program this Committee is responsible for maintaining and growing our language classes, cultural events and scholarship donors and recipients.

Membership Committee

This Committee is responsible for the global membership database and working closely with all Chapter Membership Chairs to ensure the systems and methods of maintaining and increasing membership and providing value to our members are implemented and executed.

Real Estate Committee

This Committee is responsible for the day to day operations of managing the needs of any real estate investments (income and expenses).

Recreation Committee

This Committee is responsible for the coordination of participation in outside events to create awareness of the organization such as: festivals, street fares, etc…

Sports Committee

This Committee is responsible for organizing fun sporting and competitive events to gather the membership of all Chapters.

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