Citizenship & Genealogy


Are you interested in reconnecting with your Italian heritage? Filitalia can help!
We offer citizenship services allowing you to explore the following options:

    1. Recognition of Italian citizenship iure sanguinis by administrative means in Italy in a municipality
    2. Application for citizenship by Marriage or Civil Union (online procedure at the Ministry of the Interior)
    3. Italian citizenship by adoption
    4. Italian citizenship by residence
    5. Reacquisition of Italian citizenship

Member Citizenship Legal Services provided by Studio Legale Metta

Studio Legale Metta is a Filitalia member benefit partner

Studio Legale Metta is an Italian law firm of experienced lawyers who handle domestic and international legal matters involving Italian law on behalf of private individuals, corporations and public institutions. Based on extensive international experience, our Italian lawyers have established proven procedures which enable our clients to achieve extraordinary outcomes without travelling to Italy. We are a boutique Italian law firm internationally recognized especially for our cross border real estate, estate planning, succession, citizenship and immigration practice areas. Our knowledgeable team of bilingual lawyers provides fast, accurate and cost-effective services.


We also have a team that also works on historical, heraldic and genealogical research, including the study of surnames. We provide a document search service for all persons interested in Italian citizenship who do not possess the birth document of their Italian ancestry or for those who are not sure of the place and/or date of birth of their Italian ancestor.

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