Filitalia International offers several exchange program opportunities in the USA & Italy with the intent of helping young members of Filitalia International looking for future career opportunities to understand the Italian & American cultures. The program is addressed to members from 21 to 30 years old, undergraduate college students, and young professionals. The exchange program will cover an internship of 2-4 weeks, and Filitalia will grant a $500 maximum per participant as reimbursement of travel expenses, plus room and board reimbursement (max $250 per participant).

The application form is below – this opportunity is for members only. Please read carefully the document below and click on the following link to apply.


Filitalia International Exchange Program Rules and Regulations

  1. Object of The Agreement
    1. Filitalia International will offer International Exchange Program (IEP) opportunities in the USA, Italy and any country where a Filitalia International Chapter exists, with the intent to help young members of Filitalia International, understand the Italian and local cultures, job environment and expand the network for future careers. This program is possible by the generous contribution of Mr. Robert Facchina, in funding the “Colombo and Cristofero Facchina Scholarship Fund”
  2. Target of Participants
    1. The Program is addressed to the following profiles:
      1. Age: minimum 21, maximum 30, undergraduate students in their final year and graduated professionals.
      2. Professional and Academic criteria: Academic history and records, personal motivation, and involvement in community activities.
      3. Adequate Language Knowledge: English / Italian
      4. Interest in Organization Activities: social and volunteer activities
      5. Declaration from the respective Chapter stating that the candidate has been a member in good standing for 2 years and has paid the annual membership dues.
      6. Official declaration from the President of the respective Chapter stating that the candidate was chosen and approved by the Board of Directors of the Chapter.
  3. Program Details
    1. The IEP program will cover an internship of 2 weeks, inside a local firm selected by the organization, according to the participant’s profile. The dates and length of the program will be defined by Filitalia International with the collaboration of local affiliated companies.
  4. Candidate Selection
    1. The candidate will apply through the Scholarship application form indicated in the Filitalia International’s website. The candidate’s application for the International Exchange Program requires the approval of the Chapter’s Board of Directors. The application is sent to the chair of the Filitalia International IEP with a copy to the District Governor, if in existence, and Chapter’s President. Applicants will be selected on merits, personal and professional attitudes. He/she needs to be a member in good standing of a Filitalia chapter for at least 2 years.
  5. Our Aims
    1. 5.1 Mapping
      1. Mapping eligible young talents for the program, within its network, according to the following criteria:
        1. Age: Reference section 2
        2. Professional & Academic Background: Reference section 2
        3. Evolvement in the Organization as local facilitator and spokesperson for the development of Filitalia International activities in Italy and abroad. The collaboration will follow a marketing and promotional plan aimed to develop the presence of Filitalia International in the participant’s local area.
    2. 5.2 Responsibilities
      1. It is the responsibility of the IEP Committee to select the attendees and match the applicants with the hosting individual / industry.
    3. 5.3 Affiliation
      1. Filitalia International and Chapters abroad will work together to find local sponsors in support of the expansion programs based on the IEP object of the agreement.
  6. Travel Expenses and Accommodations
    1. The Organization will grant a $700.00 maximum per participant as reimbursement of travel expenses. During the stay the hosting family will provide room and board.
  7. Entry Visa and Insurance
    1. The entry visa procedure in the USA, Italy and other countries will be solely responsible directly by the participant. The selected candidates will also be responsible for a medical insurance contract.

If you are interested in hosting a student, please fill out the application.
For any questions, please contact

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