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Filitalia International is a non-profit organization whose goal is realized through the constant support and volunteer work we receive from our Board of Directors, from our members, and from our community. Everything this organization has become is because of you, the members of Filitalia. You make the difference and help Italian culture and heritage to flourish. When you join our organization, you will become a member of the chapter closest to you.

Annual Cost:
Single Person Membership – $25.00
Family Membership – $40.00

Member Benefits:

  1. Discounts on products and services provided by preferred members, vendors and affiliates
  2. Scholarships – Members who have been with us 2 years or more are eligible for all scholarships that we currently offer. Family memberships will greatly benefit because all children will become eligible
  3. Access to all Italian Language / English Language Classes 
  4. Invitations to all events at Member rates, such as but not limited to:
    1. Chapter Events
    2. Galas
    3. Sporting Events
    4. Scholarship / President’s Award Ceremony
    5. Tour trips to Italy and elsewhere
  5. Access to all Business Networking opportunities
  6. Ability to attend and contribute to all events conducted by all Chapters / Committees throughout the organization regardless of whichever Chapter you belong
  7. Utilization of Chapters as reference points for members and their families traveling abroad or in the US
  8. Dual Citizenship Services
  9. Genealogy Services
  10. Translation Services
  11. Advertisement opportunities on our website, social media platforms and our Newsletter (Il Telegramma)
  12. International Exchange Program:
    1. 5-10 students annually from abroad for 2-3 week immersion in the American culture and language
    2. 5-10 students annually from USA to Italy for 2-3 week immersion in the Italian culture and language
  13. Ability to participate and be elected to the Board of Directors and Standing Committees
  14. Members receive priority notice for all Filitalia International events held at our center
  15. Members stay up to date on all of our upcoming events we have scheduled through our Facebook page HERE. Also, sign up for our Telegramma HERE
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