by Pamela Cioffi – Un Mondo D’Italiani

Cristoforo Colombo explained to the children, connection with Philadelphia, presentation of Stefano Priolo’s Genoese navigator’s dessert, the culinary inventions of Savery Mazzuto and much more. All this at the “Columbus Day” of Molise Noblesse and Filitalia Chapter Bojano, Monday 12 October at 3.00 pm, at the headquarters of the international newspaper UMDI – Un Mondo D’Italiani, Bojano (CB).

Filitalia Interntational will collaborate with Molise Noblesse for Columbus Day. An international call will join Filitalia Chapter Bojano and the headquarter of Filitalia International. Columbus Day is an anniversary important for the Italian brothers of America, celebrated in many states to commemorate the day of arrival in the “New World” of the Genoese navigator Cristoforo Colombo, on 12 October 1492. An important day for the history of humanity: October 12, 1492 in fact marks the End of the Medieval Age and the beginning of the Modern Age.


Columbus Day by Molise Noblesse and Filitalia

Molise Noblesse and Filitalia Chapter Bojano present the traditional “Columbus Day” appointment, Monday 12 October from 3.00 pm, with the precious collaboration of UMDI, Centro Studi Agorà, Ippocrates, Universal Civil Service and Casa Molise, Assel, Uci, Assel, for Turismo è Cultura 2020, Pact for Development of the Molise region. The event, open to adults and children, will be held at the headquarters of the international newspaper UMDI – Un Mondo D’Italiani, in P.zza G. Paolo II, in Località Terre Longhe, Bojano (Cb) and in connection with the States United for a lecture by Avv. Roberto Petrone and prof. Giulio de Jorio Frisari. The story of the Genoese navigator explained to children, connection with Philadelphia, the parent company of Filitalia International and, not surprisingly, last but not least, “Cristoforo Colombo’s Sweet”, created exclusively for the event by the Bojanese pastry chef Stefano Priolo and the savory culinary inventions of the cook Savery Mazzuto.

Columbus Day, program of the event

The celebration will begin at 3.00 pm with the presence of the children who, after the explanation of the figure of Christopher Columbus, will juggle their little hands among drawings, colors and plastic creations. The day will continue with readings and reflections on the Ligurian navigator and on the symbols of the Discovery of America that marked the beginning of the Modern Era. At 6.00 pm there will be a more institutional moment, thanks to the connection between Bojano and Philadelphia, Filitalia’s parent company. Guests of the online conference will be: Avv. Roberto Petrone; Dr. Marco Circelli, Executive Director of Filitalia International; Dr. Pasquale Nestico, Founder Filitalia International, prof. Giulio de Jorio Frisari (vice president Filitalia Bojano), prof. Mina Cappussi (president of Filitalia chapter Bojano), dr.ssa Mariantonietta Romano (Auditor), Federica Napoletano, (President of the Youth Commission). What party is it without a cake? Stefano Priolo, a well-known pastry chef from Bojan whose fame has gone beyond regional borders, will present Columbus Cake, “Il Dolce di Cristoforo Colombo”, created specifically for the event in Molise Noblesse and Filitalia Chapter Bojano; and Savery Mazzuto, a cook of Bojano, will present his savory culinary creations. The event will take place in compliance with Covid legislation and the obligation to use personal safety devices.

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