The History of Italian Immigration Museum exists to share the history of Italian immigrants in the United States. Begin your adventure by tracing the voyages of famous explorers, who discovered, charted, mapped and named the New World–America. Next, witness the contributions of lesser-known Founding Fathers and marvel at the exceptional monuments built by Italian artisans. Live the struggles of millions of immigrants from southern Italy & Sicily during the Great Arrival, where peasants toiled to make a living. Never forget World Wars I & II, and the national service in the Armed Forces and the War effort where nearly one million Italian-Americans served. Last, celebrate American Dreams Come True as Italian-Americans are represented throughout U.S. society, Supreme Court, sports, show business, politics, science, art, and music.

The Museum also has a new home theatre currently featuring Italian Americans as well as an updated event space for catered private parties and a Language Lab where Italian language classes are taught to children and adults of all ages, from introductory to advanced level skills.

HIIM & Filitalia Members: Free
Non-Members: $10
Children (12 & under): $3
Single Membership: $25
Family Membership: $40

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