Celebrating Italian Roots and American Dreams!

The History of Italian Immigration Museum’s vision is in concert with the mission of Filitalia International: to promote, protect, and preserve the Italian heritage, language, culture and customs throughout the world and encourage the study of the Italian language. Filitalia’s motto is Humility, Justice, Honesty.

The Museum exists to:

Preserve the heritage of Italian-Americans through stories that apply to all cultures,
Connect the Italian-American community with its cultural roots, and
Share our heritage with people of all backgrounds.

Thank you to all members and donors who support the Museum’s collections financially and through artifact donations. We rely on the generosity of donors to enhance our collection and assist us in meeting the goal of our Museum: Celebrating Italian Roots and American Dreams. The Museum collects items that contribute to the narrative we tell about immigration, including travel, settlement, establishing homes and businesses, developing social and religious groups, and more. We accept artifacts of all types: jewelry, photographs, passports, tools and crafts from all time periods. Since Italian immigration is ongoing, both historic and contemporary artifacts are accepted.

To become a donor or support the museum, click here.

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